Hi there! My name is Monica, I'm an 18 year old Canadian and I just finished my senior year in highschool! But I will be returning for a victory lap! (aka grade 13). My tumblr is a fitblr, pro weightloss, & nutritious food blog, but also consists of anything l find amusing or eye catching. I do cross country, track & field, swimming and badminton! If you have any questions don't be hesitant to ask!
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Completely transforming your body can take a really fucking long time and it’s hard so just be patient.  

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First Saturday spent not working in ages and first stack of pancakes in ages. Vegan oat flour buttermilk pancakes with banana, tahini, raspberries, sultanas and some raw choc chip Turkish delight from @loving_earth. Happy weekend! #lovingearth #vegan

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