Hi there! My name is Monica, I'm an 18 year old Canadian and I just finished my senior year in highschool! But I will be returning for a victory lap! (aka grade 13). My tumblr is a fitblr, pro weightloss, & nutritious food blog, but also consists of anything l find amusing or eye catching. I do cross country, track & field, and swimming! If you have any questions don't be hesitant to ask! Thanks for stopping by! :)


I feel so lost, I just need jesus to send me some clues about what path I must take with my life. Idk what I wanna do anymore…

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Is my team the awesome-est or what? I can’t tell you how proud I am of all of them today. We arrived in style, raced in style, and won in style. It’s just the way we roll… Let’s make it a weekly thing ;) Photo ft. @e-lie-sah. 

Just do it